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The team at FEMTO Energy are at the forefront of this new nuclear revolution to supporting the global transition to a low carbon energy systemaway from fossil fuels as an energy source. A transition providing security and reliability in energy supply required due to the disruption and uncertainty caused by climate change and geopolitical instability. We specialize in all things nuclear power related:
The FEMTO team

The team at FEMTO Energy

FEMTO Energy comprises an executive team with complimentary skills and multi-sector experience in design, engineering, operations and financing of both nuclear and non-nuclear energy systems.
Norman Foster
Founder and Executive Chairman, Foster+Partners
Jacopo Buongiorno
Professor, Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT
Roberto Casula
Cleantech and Energy VC at Ducktoswan srl
Walid Fakhry
Managing Partner, Soho Square Capital, London
Michael Ford
Associate Lab Director for Engineering, Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Iain MacDonald
Director, Instance BV, Amsterdam and London
Richard Dilworth
Trustee, Norman Foster Foundation (UK) London
what we do

We specialise in
all things nuclear power related

Nuclear Battery Manufacturers

Femto have relationships with all manufacturers who are leading the way in the development of micro reactors and Femto’s clients will be their first customers.

Nuclear Building and Infrastructure

Key members of the Femto team have participated in nuclear reactor build projects of all sizes.

Nuclear Reactor Operators

The Femto Team have operated nuclear reactors and facilities of all sizes around the world.

Nuclear Public Affairs Specialists

Femto can guide their clients through the public relations challenges that are still, too often, associated with the creation of nuclear energy solutions.

Nuclear Law & Regulatory Specialists

On behalf of its clients, Femto can forge a pathway through, and even lobby to create, the regulatory frameworks surrounding the creation of nuclear energy solutions.

5 reasons why nuclear batteries are the next big thing

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As part of our plans to undertake demonstration projects to showcase the potential of nuclear batteries to provide safe, secure, resilient and reliable clean energy for energy transition, we are actively seeking engagement with potential end user markets and development partners.

We are looking to identify and establish partnerships with companiesdeveloping nuclear batteries and modular industrial production technologies. Likewise, we are also interested in collaborations with centres of research excellence.

If you’re interested in an exploratory conversation, please complete the form below and we will be in touch.
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FEMTO Energy

FEMTO Energy through the roll out of nuclear batteries want to give back to the world by sustaining it environmentally, economically and societally